The Table – Press Release


London, 1st April 2019

A team of experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs have recently launched an innovative new service designed to help SME businesses scale up successfully.

The Table is a unique, boutique one-stop shop advisory board of carefully selected, verifiable experts who all have impressive track records of success developed over many years of having been directly responsible for running and growing businesses in numerous sectors.

Founding Partner Guy Hipwell said: “I noticed in my executive and Non-Executive roles that when challenges and pain points arose I often felt that the best place to turn was to my trusted peers outside of the organisation, who had specific experience that was highly relevant to the particular challenge being faced at the time. I discussed this with a few of my peers and found that the behaviour was being replicated outside of my own experience on an almost daily basis. We concluded that the more traditional approach to creating an effective board structure did not always succeed in delivering the maximum value and believed that we could create something more innovative to help high potential businesses out there.”

Every Partner at The Table is an experienced board level business leader and expert who has been there, worn the T shirt and done it many times over. The Table provides a unique combination of rotating specialist expertise to align with organisational business plans across all functional areas in a fresh, easy to understand model.

Successful entrepreneur Gordon McAlpine, who grew a business from his front room to a multi-million pound exit, added: “The Table care passionately about helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to be the best they can be and will only work with businesses where we believe we can make a real difference. We don’t just sit at board room tables once a month and sign off the minutes. Our focus is on creating real value on an ongoing basis to drive successful scale up.

“What we’re most proud of is the fact that we partner with businesses right through their journey from scale up to exit. Most advisors dip in and out at various stages, which can be confusing (and expensive) for the client. We are in it for the long run with a flexible, value for money model”

The Table offers a range of high value advisory and support services, all focused on delivering value to generate the sales growth required to help clients become fast growth, high value enterprises. The Table is redefining the advisory board.

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